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Young woman with quick sketch

There is nothing quite like our little business here — drawing LIVE at parties. And trade shows. And conventions. And wedding receptions. The list goes on. Yes!

Quick sketch of family

Drawn live at church picnic

Couple sketched live at party

Nice Young People, four minute sketch

This has been a joyful road, starting back many moons ago in the late seventies in drawing caricatures. Those first published items were for newspapers, as I tried vainly to get into the tiny world of editorial cartooning. FAIL! Ah well, we tried, eh? Interesting, too. Then not long after I began drawing at a night club (in Piqua, Ohio) one night a week; the club paid me (VERY little) and posted the sketches on the walls. When it closed a couple of years later there was a mad rush to steal your own drawing off the wall, I heard later.

And sometime in between the local newspaper, the Piqua Daily Call, (now Miami Valley Today) ran a feature on my weekly visits — then as a result of that I was invited to draw at my first party. Yow! Fun! And I have been doing that ever since. The first few parties were just fabulous fun. Then after that — it got better! I got faster, more confident and better in the drawings (I hope!). So far I estimate drawing maybe three hundred thousand faces and I have enjoyed every last experience. 

If you are planning any kind of event, please get in touch. Let’s talk. I guarantee you will be happy that you invited me to draw at your gathering. THANK YOU!

Artist setup at your event

Artist setup at your event