Staff Morale Booster!

We have struggled along for the last year or so without the usual fun (and income!) from Live Drawing. And boy has it been an empty spot on my list — the fun part I am speaking of, not getting out to parties and weddings, conventions, trade shows.

And not getting to do the oddball, one-off projects like going to a Cadillac dealership and PRETENDING to be a consultant, per instructions from the manager, to do stealth drawings of the sales team and also give him input on my take on each person, to help him work with each to be better at sales. Or drawing on bowling pins, or balloons, or ceiling tiles, or…

Okay, okay, you get the idea.

But the studio drawings have been pretty steady during the drought, which is good. Not only to keep a few bucks coming in, but to help me feel useful and functional. You know, like a professional artist kinda guy. Sure.

Here was one of them, done up exactly as requested.

Karen supporters at a local office

“Hi Dennis!  Everybody, especially Karen, LOVED the picture!!!! Thank you again!” 

Could your crew use a bit of encouragement, some harmless fun? I can draw them from photos, like this one.

Please get in touch and we will get things rolling to give your team a surprise they will NEVER see coming. READY??     or phone     937-296-9757