Doc Advice

In the course of a routine exam, my doctor took a deep breath and gave me some memorable advice.

“You have a CADILLAC BODY,” he said, “BUT — “

But?? But WHAT?? Okay, more on that in a moment. My exam was routine and no current issues besides the normal problems at this advanced stage of Geezerhood for me so it was fun chatting with the doc for a bit, wasting his valuable time as much as possible. Diane and I are frequently in for visits to our various docs, God knows, but not that often considering our history. As you may know, she has MS and has been using power wheelchairs for maybe fifteen years and I have had various issues like way-serious asthma (started up after my Army days), lost a lung some time back, and major back problems. Still not too bad for either of us, all in all. Diane never complains, happily, and we do pretty well.

My usual job is drawing live at parties. Not lately! Ha! No, our income has been down maybe ninety-percent this last year or so. But on that point, too, we have done okay. Our expenses came down a bit, too, in part because we can not waste as much as usual in restaurants, bars or shopping. Balances out — sorta, kinda, okay somewhere in that neighborhood. So. Diane does all the hard stuff, I draw and we make a living, happily enough. And see our docs a lot. Right. That was the story today —

“You hava a CADILLAC BODY,” my doctor said to me. “BUT — you gotta remember — it is a Nineteen-Forty-Nine Cadillac!”

As in, slow down, take it easy, give the old body a break, you’re an old guy now. Fine, understood. We both laughed.  Okay, doc. Nobody likes a smart-alec, eh?


An Innocent  Doctor drawn some time back — NOT the one in today’s post!