Job Perk #1



One of the small but fun things about being a caricature artist — and there are LOTS to choose from on that list — is drawing sketches of strangers without their knowledge. Stealth drawings!

I do that a lot in restaurants and bars, just for fun.

Never try to get paid of course, just notice an interesting face, quietly do the drawing at a distance and then (usually) ask the waitress to deliver it.

Then just sit back and watch, when the person takes the little sheet of paper — What’s this?? — as the recognition kicks in — Yow, that’s ME!!

Then smile and wave and leave them alone. You can imagine the conversations. “Hey, I got a surprise at lunch, look at this!”

Sure. No big thing, certainly, but gives a smile to all concerned. At least hopefully so. This was our waiter at Maggiano’s Little Italy in Kenwood Towne Center, Cincinnati some time back. Nice fellow. Loved his drawing!


Restaurant waiter

Maggiano’s restaurant waiter — Wine bottle label: El Cheapo De La Vino