Want a Family Fun Project?



You want to do something fun. Sure! We all do. And it is NOT easy to find options right now, is it?

The current, ongoing Covid-19 pandemic shows no signs of going away, sadly, and is just as dangerous as it was back in the winter when this all started. Whatcha gonna do?? No travel, right? Not even restaurants or movies. Yow!

How about a little pick-me-up for the family? Have Dennis Porter draw your crew. Like the drawing seen here. A beautiful young happy family out for a healthy walk in the great outdoors. Way cool subject!

And you can PRINT OUT your drawing for children to color, and as often as you wish. (Dennis does not mind.)

This was drawn from photos some time back. No idea if it was a special occasion like a birthday gift or anniversary present. A sketch like this might cost around $100-150 or so; please get in touch and maybe you can get a deal due to the pandemic. It’s okay to ask, right??

(And if your gang likes the outdoors, in Dayton area you might check out Cox Arboretum — beautiful, spacious and cool; very family-friendly.)


Family sketch
Hey, let’s go for a HIKE!