Hey, I do not know about you but lately I am way low on energy.

Have to crash for maybe an hour in the afternoons, and still kinda drag around most of the day. Getting sick of it. But what to do? What to do??

Last night the obvious finally occurred to me — do that suggestion thing. Sure.

You know about that. You program yourself and sometimes you feel better via sheer suggestion, right? Just repeat your direction to yourself a lot — more is more effective of course — and notice things changing. I discovered that when I started to draw live. Scared to go in that room and draw in front of all those strangers. Yow! And from somewhere came the idea that I would PRETEND to be confident.

And so I did.

And in a matter of a minute or two, literally, suddenly I FELT confident. Sure.

So that’s what I did last night on the energy issue. I kept repeating to myself, silently, inwardly — “I feel super! Lots of energy! I feel fantastic!”

And keep it up, long as you can. That is the formula.

Today? Guess what??

I feel super! Lots of energy! I feel fantastic! Yeah, it works.

I DO have to keep it going, if I stop the repeating in my head the effect goes away so it’s a little work. But a nice payoff. Whatever issue is bothering you, this suggestion thing just might help. Good luck!

With PROFOUND apologies to Norman Rockwell !