Gonna Get MARRIED??

Hey, what a big day you have planned, eh? Diane and I had a FABulous time at our wedding & reception. Family, friends, great fun…

If I can draw at your reception please advise. It will make for some lovely memories on the walls when you visit those good people who were on hand for your vows — almost all my drawings get framed, I hear. Sketches similar this these I can do in about five minutes:

Caricature of happy couple
STILL Nice to Be With You

These two were NUTS about each other, to all appearances, great fun to be around

And if you need a sketch from your PHOTOS ahead of time for your guests to sign (usually around the matboard), I can do one like the below, either BW like this one, or in full color. Let’s talk about planning that huge day, okay? Please call Diane at 937-238-6351 when you can…

Caricature of wedding couple
We’re All In This Together, Now