Interview: Caricature Artist Dennis Porter

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Caricature artist interview — a brief and fun discussion with Christina Wald of the Cincinnati Illustrator’s group, some time back…

It’s weird to BE interviewed after all these thousands of live events, drawing in retail venues and otherwise sketching someone face to face, because the focus is always the other way — I tend to ask the other party about their world, their job, their interest.

That’s because it keeps them facing in my direction, so I can consistently view their faces and get that two-minute drawing done to a level we can both live with… Nobody teaches you that when you start in this fun, oddball business, you learn it after struggling to keep the subject from turning to speak to their friends or to look in a more interesting direction. Sure.

So when you are abruptly the center of the discussion, well, ya deal with it and it’s interesting and a little odd. Christina did a fine job of getting some interesting details out of my rusty memory banks and quoting me in the best possible way. Thanks Christina!