Team shot, Small to nowhere, Six Pack

After lo these many years at the drawing game I am still consistently thrilled and amazed at the sheer variety of projects that come our way. (The “Our” being Diane here at the office and me at the drawing board.) Here are three fun items including one that did NOT launch…

Group drawing of office staff
Let’s get EVERYBODY in There!

LIVE sketch of the WHOLE team, don’tcha know?? Faces were done at their live event in Cincinnati and took absolutely forever; they were MORE than patient and understanding… Super group, who appreciated the extra effort at that time and back in the studio, where I placed the infrastructure body sketches, the banners top and bottom, lettering and flat black areas.
Seven Inch caricature
Drawings On Bookmarks

Can ya draw SMALL?? Uh — I think so… Let’s see! These were going to be Bookmarks, drawn to their seven-inch size in the client’s venue to amuse their customers… Did not work out, never called back. Ah well.
Quick sketch of family
Quick Sketch of the Family

Six to go! This adorable young family was sketched at a Catholic church picnic; I have been doing that picnic for maybe fifteen years now, happily getting calls every year. Thanks to our pals at the church!