Too Much Talk??

Just over a month ago I received an inquiry about a few studio drawings intended as Christmas gifts for family. Sure thing!

We discussed it, of course — one large group sketch of almost twenty people, plus two full body drawings of young children… Normally I do up rough layouts and email those over so we can be sure of the image going in the right direction. But this time the questions just kept coming —

Postage cost, we were asked? No, I pay USPS cost, within USA. (We get orders from around the globe thanks to the website.)

Color? Sure, here is the cost. And on and on. Through no less than twenty-six different chats via email and some large samples and several children’s drawing samples… No, the price was too high we were told. So we discussed even further — and… no. No go, not going to do it, cost too much.

No deal. They were giving that project to another artist. Less cost.

So. Was all that a waste?

Nah. Just the cost of doing business, I feel.

If you do not lose any business you are pricing way too low, gang — and if you lose a LOT you are way too high. Lose a bit here and there and perhaps you are about right.

So, no problem. Of course. I wish that almost-our-client person the best of luck with the artist chosen for the project.


Employee drawing, done live at company party — with studio tweaks added later