Mystery Via Japan

Digging around in the chaos of my little home office, trying to find a useable chipboard to place in a sketch going into the mail very soon now — should have been mailed out yesterday — I found a little surprise.

Mystery sketch
Pretty girl, identity unknown

— This rather cute young lady’s drawing.

Done by myself back in December of 2003. On its back is a printout to show it was ordered by a fellow in Yokohama, Japan. And that’s about all I know about it. He was apparently happy with the scanned image since we still have the original drawing. Which in a way is a shame, since the scan you see here is pretty flat compared to the subtle colors in my watercolor original. My scanning skills back then could not have been better than now. Ah well.

It seems odd to me that I do not remember the project at all. Even with my legendary memory flaws I usually have some recollection when one of my old drawings surfaces, especially in color and going to an exotic location. Not this time…

Anyway I hope she liked it!

How about you, gentle reader? Have you found an old drawing or maybe a photograph you know nothing about in your files? Publish it here for us, willya?

As for me, I STILL have yet to get that previously mentioned sketch in the mail to our client. Found the chipboard, so let’s get that to the USPS… Now!