Well, Hi there, Jack!

At a recent event I had an unusual moment of peace and quiet as the guests finished up their drinks and snacks, so I started the drawing you see here, strictly from memory —

Jack Nicholson caricature
Actor Jack Nicholson, drawn from memory

One of our favorite actors, eh? Sure thing… No photo source, just winging it a bit. And drawing this reminded me of a similar situation years ago. I was drawing in a VERY upscale country club (is there any other kind??) and had nothing to do for a short while in that particular crowd. Whatever was going on was way more interesting than sad tired old me…

Okay. So, with my back up to a wall for some reason, the party planner’s idea, I started doing the only other sketch of this guy I have done live. I was the only one who could see what was on my paper.

And about halfway through that little drawing a gentleman walked up and sat in my other chair. We spoke, did the how are yous and he leaned back for a moment. Then he surprised me.

“Man,” he said, “I love Nicholson. So — hey — make me look like Jack Nicholson!”


Yeah. Totally pointless little story, right? It was just too weird. The kind of thing you would NOT believe in a movie, I think. I do not know about your world, my friend, but that sort of thing happens to me a lot. They make for odd little stories now and then, like this one. What’s it all mean, anyhow?? Nothing, right? I gave him the Jack sketch and then drew him as best I could sort of looking like the image above. He seemed happy and went on his way.