What Are YOU Working On?

Today on LinkedIn there was a novel little post by a young lady named Kelley, an event planner, telling us her current project list and closing with a question: What are YOU working on?

I thought that was a cool question to throw out here and responded with this:

Hi Kelley, Thanks for asking! Today I am planning for a bridal show we will be in Sunday as a vendor, offering my live caricatures at wedding receptions (our first for this kind of show), and working on three of my studio items. I have a big theatre caricature drawing with a LOT of actors in it, a large cartoon map of a park in Israel which will host concerts soon, and I am just finishing up a color sketch of a lady in a funny situation per her husband’s instructions (surprise gift). Plus working towards the final stretch of developing another new product to offer in apparel for licensing, plus tweaking our main website and generating a new postcard (we just got a call from last weeks’ postcard). So, a bit busy. BUT I can help with your upcoming events if you need entertainment, so please advise… Thanks again!

So that’s my current list, gang… Notice I didn’t say much about actually making money, eh? But at least we’re BUSY, right?? How about you? What are YOU working on??

Are We Keeping BUSY??