Planning a Wedding??

Bride and groom wedding invitation caricature drawing

Not an easy task, eh? Lordy, it’s gotta be a lot of work for anyone. And it’s the sort of thing we do not go through OFTEN enough to get good at it, right? (Then again, some people DO go through it kinda frequently, do they not? Anyhow –) No, it’s tough planning a very big day in our lives that we hope will work out perfectly. And it can be way, way expensive, too.

Diane and I recently made a new friend via LinkedIn — Jean Neuhart, the wedding planner. She is a sweetheart and I bet she’s terrific at her job. She invited us to a gathering of vendors in her field last month and it was great fun. We met Greg Cowger, who is with The Event Connections and he invited us to have a table at their Bridal Show in January, this month.

So what’s the deal? Brides and their fiances come and visit lots of professionals offering wedding services. That’s the idea. Really? For four hours? Wow. Will Greg have any traffic, I wondered?

I have done a LOT of boring shopping mall craft shows, hoping SOMEbody would stop by and at least talk a bit, and occasionally I would get to draw a live customer or two. Grim and dull for the most part. And you pay for your space, too, as in Greg’s Bridal Show. Will they have traffic? Will it be worth it?

Diane and I talked it over, figured, hey, let’s give it a shot.

The Bridal Show was Sunday. And BOY did they have traffic. Oh, yeah. LOTS of couples and their friends and moms, for the entire time. We ran out of our prepared flyers and had to cut down on our other handout materials to have enough to stretch to four hours. Diane was exhausted about three hours in; I waited to the end to collapse. We came home and visited nap-world, baby…

We met a huge amount of excited young soon-to-be wives and husbands and collected lots of great email addresses and other info that will likely be very useful in our little business going forward. Our thanks to Jean and Greg!

Here is what our little setup looked like at the Bridal Show —

Our Table — showing sample celebrity caricatures and big color bride & groom drawings; guests sign and write good wishes around mats at reception… that’s a sign-up sheet on the chair to collect emails