Blast From The PAST

Hi Dennis,

The other night I was unpacking a couple of boxes containing photos & photo frames when I came across this drawing of me that you did way back in 1991!

I was trying to remember when & where this was done. It had to be at something that Kettering Hospital had going on–employee picnic, Christmas program, or some special event at the hospital.

I hope you & Diane are doing well. I miss going to the pool @ the YMCA to exercise.

Denise C.

What a nice note from Denise! It’s really cool to see one of these sketches from almost thirty years ago. (I have been adding the year to my signature since the sixties; it’s a handy reference now and then.)

More recently I have switched over to drawing faces-only — rather than the full body images like hers — in my quick-sketch party-drawing service. Maybe it’s better to take a bit longer and show the person’s interests, eh? Makes the sketches more personal, that’s for sure.

My thanks to Denise for the shout-out and her OK to publish here.

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