Harley Lovers, Times Three

I was recently approached by a gentleman needing a gift for his work colleagues.

They were hard to buy for — until he thought of their shared LOVE of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Yes! It took him a bit to find our Cars & Trucks caricature drawings on www.drawme.com but once there he knew the gift was in the bag.

The bike shown is by no means precisely correct, but it is intended to be a vintage Harley with sidecar.

The 1% on the shirt to our right refers to an old biker movie (The Wild One with Marlon Brando) in which it is argued that only One Percent of bikers are criminal types. Our guy here must be one a them bad guys, right?? The hippie indicators for the other two just seem to indicate their personal proclivities. The 81 number had some special meaning, too, but as usual memory fails me at this point… What the COMPLIANCE banner text means — hey, I have NO idea. Ha!

The drawing was done from photos and should have been presented today, I believe. I hope they liked it!

Born To Be WILD… Eh??