Was Your Party A DRAG??

Drawing recently at a Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors picnic — with my old pal John, who was drawing with me — we both noted how some events are more FUN than others. The realtor’s picnic was great fun, nice people, really cool. Not every event is like that. It’s true. Yes. Sure, we know we have the best jobs in the world, maybe, but sometimes — yes, sometimes it’s not all that much of a thrill — even for us. 

Not gonna whine, though, so please bear with me. I have a point here… somewhere… uh…

Caricature drawing of family
Young family caricature at Realtor picnic

— Oh, yeah! So some gatherings are just more enjoyable than others, right? Sure. Sure they are.

So the question is, why? Why is that, anyhow?

Maybe WE, the so-called entertainers, are in better moods ourselves?

Well, in your job, don’t you try to be professional? I bet you do, and so do we artist types, so every event is a challenge to ramp up our joyfulness and get Happy for our clients. If we actually do have some fun, it is just the icing on the cake of our bleak, sad little day. Or something like that. As working caricature artists we do try to show the bright side when we are lucky enough to have a drawing gig. Share the fun of it, eh? The more WE are enjoying the experience, the more the people we are sketching are likely to dig it, obviously.

I am fortunate in a lot of ways and usually I am pretty aware of how good things are for Diane and for me, absolutely. And I enjoy drawing live tremendously, gang, no need to exaggerate… It is a BLAST in every possible way.

The family seen here were adorable, young parents doting on their little boy and really having a super time, in perfect weather and at a neato venue, Stricker’s Grove near Cincinnati. Realtors in general seem to be upbeat and happy, in my experience, hard-working professionals who have to put in brutal hours to make a living — and often under very difficult conditions. My wife Diane was a Realtor for several years after we got together and it was NOT always easy for her. Oh no.

My point here, you ask?? Just this — we can CHOOSE to be happy, and choose to have a fabulous day, even choose (I believe) to be successful or to be failures. I think that is true.

Few of us seem aware of that, but since it finally dawned on me (rather late in life) I have worked hard to ramp up my attitude and to Expect Success and Happiness every day. It works for me.

I seem to be a lousy salesman when it comes to convincing anyone else of that, so likely I am boring you here. My point may not make sense to you. Sorry about that. I can only assure you that this is true. You can enjoy your life a lot more than you likely are now. I mean, my wife Diane is in a wheelchair full time and has been for maybe fifteen years now — and you will never meet anyone happier than her. Joyful, goofy, busy and enjoying her life every single day.

And, hey, she’s married to ME. Ha! Have a super day!