Kiddie Fun at Office Event??

It sometimes appears difficult for professionals to come up with interesting things for the children at the office picnic or other company event. Family entertainment can be a bit challenging, since the same offering as LAST year may not be interesting at all. And of course cost is a factor anytime.

So what to do? Obviously I am biased here, but it occurs to me that I have been drawing at the same company gatherings for close to TWENTY years now in some cases, and well over ten years for others. It is VERY flattering that they call me back, sure, but the real payoff is that the same sweet couples and their cute, cute, cute children tend to seek me out every year.

This is one of the most fun jobs in the world, surely, and I am very grateful to be able to pay our bills by drawing people at live events, year in and year out.

Here is a photo from a RE/MAX Realtor event recently — I left off the face-paint, as you can see.

(Notice I SWITCHED them side to side — that was so I could draw the younger girl first and SEE her as I did the other (I am a leftie). Otherwise the images might clash in size or other factor.)

Caricature of sisters at Realtor event
Can Ya Draw Us BOTH??