Is Your Event a CIRCUS??

Last weekend I was invited to sketch at one of the most fun events in my long history of Party Drawing. It seemed to be amazing for everyone there, far more than my usual, which is saying a lot.

I do not say that lightly… after about forty years of drawing at thousands and thousands of events — parties, picnics, wedding receptions. company parties, trade shows, conventions, commercial gatherings (and a LOT more you don’t want to know about) — I am highly conscious of what a super job this is, that I am actually paid to have a good time. After all, if the artist is bored, the drawing are going to be flatter and less interesting since his energy is minimally invested, eh? Sure.

So those of us who take this Party Caricatures job seriously make an effort to ramp up our own mojo, our energy, our enjoyment of the moment and it pays off in the sketches we produce. Absolutely.

And honestly I have never had a dull event. They are ALL great fun.

But last weekend’s party was just marvelous and I have wondered why that was since then. And likely bored my wife to tears talking about it… I was hired to draw at a lunch for a group of ladies who attend the Springboro YMCA. They are in a dance-exercise class, led by Karla, a really neat lady. She saw our van with its CARICATURES lettering in the parking lot and contacted my fabulous little wife Diane, arranging to have me come draw at the celebration gathering after the group’s special event in which they took on CIRCUS identities.

I believe it was a sort of competition with other dance classes. They took photos of themselves in Circus type character costumes and I was shown those during the drawing-time. Mostly I made UP the outfits you see in the quick-sketches here, but some are close to the photo originals.

Why it was so much FUN seems to be based on the amazing energy in that group. They absolutely adore each other, and have tremendous respect and support for each other, building strong, genuine friendships via coming together on a regular basis to exercise and dance together. The vibe in the room was amazing and the time went by in a pleasant blur.

I hear we are going to do it again on a regular basis, so my thanks to the ladies and to Karla.

Let’s make it twice as much fun next time. See you soon, girls!

Circus entertainer
Snake Charmer Girl!
Circus entertainer
WALK That Tightrope!
Clown it Up
EVERYbody Loves a Clown!
Fortune teller caricature
What’s In YOUR Future??
Circus caricature
Ringmaster Girl!
Circus Fun
Out For a Walk…
Circus entertainer caricature
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