Celebrating RECOVERY…


Recently I was contacted by an amazing young mother with a very specific wish.

Her daughter had been in a catastrophic accident — not expected to survive for a time — and mom wanted a drawing of her in recovery mode.

So. Here she is, half her face paralyzed, unable to smile there, with surgical tape over part of her glasses (therapy, somehow). I left off the tracheotomy and some other items that have since been evolved through… The mom LOVED the pencil workup and the BW, now also loves this image, so all is well. And she was kind enough to grant my go-ahead to publish here for you to see.

I have never seen a family embrace the healing, transitional phase of a terrible time like this before. It is remarkable to me, and shows the depth of their love for the daughter. Diane and I extend our best wishes to the whole family of course.

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