Let’s Do It AGAIN!

Wedding couple Seth & Brandi
REPEAT CLIENTS — Dennis drew at their wedding 12 years ago, then at their neighborhood gathering recently

I was invited to draw at a wedding reception for a terrific young couple, Brandi & Seth, back in 2006. Just sketch a couple of hours, gonna be fun. Sure!

And it was, too, but… more and more relatives kept stopping by. And the time kept extending… And extending… And extending…

wedding couple drawn again
Seth & Brandi sketch 2018

— And through it all I had a fabulous time, because the crowd was so upbeat. Lots and lots of bad jokes and family giving other family a hard time. Mucho, mucho laughs on all sides. It was hilarious! There was just tremendous energy, as at most weddings, but this one was exceptional — and suddenly I realized that I had been drawing six hours STRAIGHT. No restroom call, no breaks, no down time — full throttle, baby, and loving it, too.

(That kind of event does not come along often and when it does I am WAY grateful for this sweet little business that keeps Diane and me afloat.)

Then very recently Brandi called again and spoke with Diane about having me sketch at their neighborhood event — and I ended up there for some live drawing that next weekend. Once again, great fun and really neat people. Here is the sketch of Brandi and Seth from that evening (he works at GE; note the little logo I put on his shirt). Thanks for calling again, you two!!