Family Fun at Picnic

For a LOT of years now, I have been invited to draw at the annual Picnic for St. Luke’s Catholic Church in Beavercreek. And what a fun time that is, too. I think it is about ten years now — but don’t quote me on that. (Yes, the memory IS the first to go…)

Anyhow Sunday was the most recent gathering and it was the usual super experience for me, and evidently for the guests as well, including this fine young family. There were lots of jokes and sibling discussion on various topics during our brief time together as this little sketch evolved.

When one of the boys noted his birthday was coming up, I mentioned that mine was the following day — and the littlest child started singing Happy Birthday. Cute!

Hey, I am a granddad, I can not help enjoying little kids, eh? You too, I bet! Anyway, it was another fun day.

And my SECOND visit to a church that day. More on that soon…

Caricature of family of five
A happy family, seen in 12-minute sketch