Share Your World

I had a super time drawing caricatures at a wedding reception recently at the Holiday Inn next to Wright State University near Dayton… The couple had been married for a while but never had time for their reception so it was belated and much enjoyed. Super people having a terrific time.

I did not take any photos there, like an idiot, but for the sake of discussion, here is a sketch of my wife and myself from WAY back there. Hey, it’s a bride and groom image, right?

Bride and groom

This is actually US, Diane and me, the invitation from our wedding…

So after finishing up at the reception, I stopped by the front desk at the Holiday Inn and gave the young lady there some of my flyers, seen here.

Promo flyers, DP

Padded pocket size flyers promoting our party sketching biz

And now because of those simple little flyers I have been invited back to the Holiday Inn to draw at an event for their staff. How cool is that?

Especially since I get those little BW promo flyers free now; they were part of the wasted paper trimmed off my sketch pads — until not long ago, when we began having these images placed there and getting those padded, too.

I hand the little pads out liberally every chance I get. Recently that resulted in getting to draw at a cool restaurant in a repeat booking, and a LOT of calls from our info being posted in unusual places because of our little flyers.

SO — share your world, gang. Promote where you can and get the word out, eh? Ya never know… Good luck!