Party Ideas — LOTS!

Superhero pals
When you’re trying to plan that fabulous event and you want it to be DIFFERENT this time… You need Party ideas. Need them NOW!  What do you do??
What could possibly be more fun and more interesting than the last time?
Or, then again, what could you do to avoid the disastrously DULL gathering you suffered through that one time? YOW!  You do NOT want to arrange a party like that, eh?
What can you do that will get a lot of interest, a lot of laughs, make for great memories?
We gotcha covered this time, including a backup plan or two, just in case. Party ideas listed below. So please, read on…
How about something REALLY different??
Maybe have a SuperHero party!
Let everyone put together costumes and come as their favorite superhero, or something close to it, and it will be a hoot. Absolutely!
Costume rentals are of course available from companies like Party City and other sources.
Your guests get to dress up and be someone else for a bit — have a Secret Identity if you will…
Personal note: I drew caricatures at an event sort of like this some time back. The guests were having a Super time (sorry!) and had themselves sketched in full superhero form. A few images attached here. 
Superheroes caricature
Two pals drawn in the Batmobile
Superhero pals
Caricature in Batmobile
Superheros R YOU
You can finally be The HERO! (A few of my superhero sketches)
Little boy as Superman
This also works for KIDS, for Children’s Parties… They love getting into costume
Superhero sketch of girls
Can Ya Draw Us as HEROES ??  “Library Girl” and “Goofy Girl”  (Hey, you had to be there…)
Man Drawn As Superhero
I am WAY Focused — What kind of hero can I BE??

BUT what if you are not crazy about this idea? Fear not — a backup plan awaits…

Maybe have a DECADE Party?
1970s Party
Confession time — I stole this idea from a fabulous party not too long ago. I was hired to draw at a Seventies party and it was terrific on all points. Everyone dressed as Mary Tyler Moore and white-jumpsuit Elvis and the M*A*S*H characters… And I DREW them like that of course.

1990s Party
The Nineties were a way fun time when we watched Northern Exposure and Twin Peaks on broadcast TV.

Music? Grunge, baby, and we listed to it on CD. Remember CDs?? 

Long, goofy shoulder length hair, sandals, Clinton fighting impeachment, it was a wild moment for us all. We all wore a LOT of flannel.

You need to play Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Madonna, McCartney, Spice Girls, Hanson, and Mariah Carey.

2000s Party
Do you have a younger guest list?? Well, maybe try a more RECENT decade – the 2000s. 

Clothing can be cargo shorts, camoflague fatigues, cowboy shirts, ringer tees, bootcut jeans. Clunky old flip-cellphones and early iPods… You get the idea, right?

Music has to include rap, SO let’s get some cuts by 50 Cent, Missy Elliot, Eminem and Justin Timberlake. Also rock by Blink-182, New Found Glory, Fall Out Boy should work.

Still looking for concepts for that party??

Maybe cater your next party with two or more local food trucks.

Don’t cringe yet — food trucks have really evolved in recent years. Lots of interesting edibles are now out there, available on wheels for your event. For our area of Dayton, Ohio you could start by checking out these Food Truck guys.

You may be able to negotiate a better price if the exposure for the food truck can result in repeat business.

MORE Ideas?? Okay, one more: 

Company party? Maybe try a potluck lunch at work.

Your crew may well enjoy showing off their culinary skills. Post a sign-up list online or in the break room, so employees bring some interesting and varied items to share. Way casual and usually a lot of fun, a potluck lunch is a festive occasion.

I hope some of these ideas work for YOUR event. Enjoy!