This Mistake Can KILL Your Party

Planning an event? A party, company picnic, or maybe a wedding reception? Lotta work, eh?

No matter what kind of event you are putting together, there is one vital factor that usually gets little to no attention. And it can cast a pall on the whole effort. As a veteran of thousands of parties please trust me on this issue. I know you have a difficult job — there are a LOT of details, and often a lot of money involved, in putting together an event, large or small.

Party Planning Checklist

But no matter whether you are planning a company party, picnic, a huge wedding reception or your child’s birthday party, there is ONE aspect that is all to often overlooked. You are the host, in charge, engaged, on the spot, and trying hard to balance any number of things all at once, from the caterers to the band to the parking — so what are you forgetting??

Hey, it’s YOU. Here is the big part that often gets left out: You, the host — you have to have fun, too.


Not a small deal here. If you find yourself frazzled, distracted and close to overwhelmed, how do you think that affects your guests? Quite honestly, if you are not enjoying yourself, chances are pretty good the rest of the gang is influenced by your mood. And I know this can be hard, too. But instead of seeing this as just another task, trying to ramp up your mood, see if you can work it from the other end.

Take some pressure off. Delegate some duties. Let someone else deal with the microphone feedback on the PA. Let your staff (or family or friends, depending on the event) argue with the caterer. Release some of that burden and take a deeeeeep breath, let it all out smooth and steady. And get in the groove, there. Enjoy that event. It’s a party, right? You’ve done the work, so have some fun! Chance are excellent almost all your guests will do the same.

(My end of the world is drawing quick-sketch caricatures at lots and lots of parties, weddings and such for about forty years now. ( And along the way I have seen WAY too many overstressed hosts trying to hold their event together pretty much on their own. Even when things DO go wrong, what is seen as a disaster at the moment is usually almost nothing in retrospect. So, please — try to loosen up and have a few laughs at your event. You will be glad you did, and so will your guests.)