Special Wish sketch
Lovely little girl fighting a difficult battle — Caricature drawing donated to Special Wish foundation

Not long ago I contacted the Special Wish foundation to offer free caricature sketches for the children they serve so well. My timing was dead-on for once, a lovely little girl named Lexi was fighting an extremely tough battle. She loves Disney princesses and loves to sing, so this is what I came up with, about 18 x 24 inches size… A special Surprise Gift I hear the whole family liked. 

Sketch of very ill child
Face like an angel; book is The Singing Princess
BW Caricatures for coloring
Caricature scanned before color added; printouts can be coloring projects

At the time the drawing got underway, Lexi was given TWO WEEKS to live. Last I heard she was still fighting the good fight, at home with her loving family about a month after that point.