Your friend is retiring — or moving away, maybe to another job. Gotta get a gift! A really cool and fun SURPRISE Gift, gotta get one NOW!

What do you get someone who has absolutely everything?? You want it to be personal gift, a FUN gift, some kind of item they will really love… What? 

Sound familiar? I bet! Most of us have been through that, and it can be a difficult situation. So what do you do??

I am biased, of course, but I think a good caricature sketch is a great gift choice. “Hey, that’s ME! Wow!” That drawing is very, very personal and usually deeply appreciated. I have drawn thousands of those from photos over the years; the example below was for a lady moving from Cincinnati (note skyline) to the Big Apple if memory serves… I understand she loved it. Fun project…

Please let me know about your friend’s interests and I will work up a concept that hopefully will be just as effective for YOUR surprise gift… More info here.

Statue of Liberty
A WAY Surprising Gift