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Month: April 2018

Dennis Porter Caricature Artist -- Fun entertainment for parties, trade shows as artist draws quick-sketches of your guests


Your friend is retiring — or moving away, maybe to another job. Gotta get a gift! A really cool and fun SURPRISE Gift, gotta get one NOW! What do you get someone who has absolutely everything?? You want it to be personal gift, a FUN gift, some kind of item they will really love… What?  Sound…
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WHY Hire a Wedding Planner??

SO — As you get ideas together for your Big, Big Day — should you actually get help? If so, why? Why hire a Wedding Planner? (We do NOT offer this service, so the following is only our opinion for your best interests. We have no dog in this race, but we DO wish you…
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This Mistake Can KILL Your Party

Planning an event? A party, company picnic, or maybe a wedding reception? Lotta work, eh? No matter what kind of event you are putting together, there is one vital factor that usually gets little to no attention. And it can cast a pall on the whole effort. As a veteran of thousands of parties please…
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UD Students: Above & Beyond

My wife Diane struggles every day with multiple sclerosis, as do millions of other Americans — a daunting adversary, MS has taken away almost everything that makes life worth living. She has been in a wheelchair full time for about 15 years now — and amazingly Diane is happy ANYWAY. Yes! She wakes up smiling…
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Not long ago I contacted the Special Wish foundation to offer free caricature sketches for the children they serve so well. My timing was dead-on for once, a lovely little girl named Lexi was fighting an extremely tough battle. She loves Disney princesses and loves to sing, so this is what I came up with,…
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