1. Give yourself time. Time to get your ideas together, to invite the RIGHT crowd for your event, to get that wine or cheese or caterer you really want to have for your guests. So first, give yourself plenty of lead time before the big event.
    2. Next, who is going to be in that crowd?? Some events are for a small, select group, and other events are large and robust and come-as-you-are casual. A guest list may be a good idea — or just a few fun phone calls to let the gang know. Which way to go? That’s the NEXT topic —
    3. Theme. Or occasion. Or focus. What is the party about? Sporting event? Graduation? An election that’s finally over? Or just an excuse to have your pals over for a laugh or two? The Theme determines everything else about your event. (As a caricature artist I have drawn at thousands of parties over the years and one of the most interesting evenings was a 1970s Party… Everyone was dressed like cast members of M*A*S*H or as Elvis or Mary Tyle Moore — hilarious and fun!)
    4. If the neighbors can stand it, have music your guests are likely to enjoy — that’s mostly determined by their median age. As things loosen up and the party gets more boisterous, turn up the volume!
    5. Menu. Ask each guest if they have any food allergies — and keep the menu simple. Basic and fun. 
    6. Table setup — it’s more than just plates and glassware. Maybe add flowers or seasonal fruit to the table. Start with a white tablecloth and work in color, even if it’s bright, colorful paper plates and plasticware.  
    7. Less is more! At least with lighting… Turn down the lights and place candles here and there, with an eye towards possible fire hazards. A candle on the fireplace hearth looks fine and is pretty safe, for instance. Scented candles — away from food areas — add a nice lilt to that room and encourage conversation. Windproof candles outside can help with backyard or pool parties on a number of levels.
    8. Maybe the most important tip: Relax! If YOU are having a super time, so will your friends. 

      Brothers go to Mexico for their birthday party
      Birthday party in Mexico for TWINS — one brother golfs, one loves soccer. They went to a fun resort for several days to celebrate their fortieth… And had this drawn up for their invitations

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