How About ALL Of Us??

“Can Ya Draw the WHOLE GANG?

Hey, why not?? Groups are hard to draw when you are starting out in this little oddball Drawing-Live business…

You have to judge how best to go about the workings of it, getting the faces SIZED correctly — if this guy’s face at top was sketched smaller than the girls, it would look pretty weird — and placing these good people top to bottom correctly. I am short, so I am in the bottom row of every group photo I have been in — same thing here. Tall people are at top, shorties like me at bottom of course…

You also learn to leave OUT some areas when drawing the faces, so if the person next door (so to speak) needs room to get a chin sketched in, you will have room. Then at the end you go back and add the rest of those hairdos and maybe a waving hand here and there. I always encourage the groups to make copies so everyone can have their own. Again, why not? Fun stuff!

More group drawing examples can be seen — with a bit of scrolling down — on our Caricatures from Photos page at But as noted here I can also draw groups live. Questions? Please get in touch…

Live caricature of group
Group drawn together
Fun group, sketched together
Drawing of group at live event, done in about 20 minutes

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