Where Can We Put That AD??

 “Did you wonder how we found you?,” the host of a party recently asked Dennis as the artist zoomed through another two-minute drawing.

“Sure!,” Dennis said. “We DID wonder! So — was it our website, or –”

The host just smiled and held up his cell phone. There was a photo of the artist’s VAN — with the website and phone number hand-painted onto the back windows. It is actually wife Diane’s wheelchair van, fully equipped with ramp and chair lockdowns in front; it sees a LOT of use!

Diane also scheduled him to draw at a wedding reception — here in Dayton, Ohio — recently, as a result of their van being seen near Nashville, Tennessee. The lady saw the area code in their phone number on the van and wrote it down to call later. Worked out for everybody!

There’s nothing like Free Advertising, eh?

Van with Ad for www.DRAWME.com
Shameless Self-Promotion!

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