Dayton, OH 45440, USA

Month: January 2018

Dennis Porter Caricature Artist -- Fun entertainment for parties, trade shows as artist draws quick-sketches of your guests


One of the neatest things about our little (very little!) business is the unique nature of each assignment.  I got a call some years back from a dentist in Cincinnati needing a sketch — we worked it out and he does a lot of very expensive dental work for me in exchange for my services.…
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Caped Crusaders??

Oh, sure! Superheroes line up here, please… I had great fun at an agency gig booked by my old pal Tad Barney ( — yes, I know he’s the competition, it’s cool…). That was yesterday, Monday, down in Mason. We were required to wear all black, which was refreshing in itself, and then to draw…
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TRUE STORY:   Dennis LOVES to draw cars, and other vehicles. A gearhead since the Sixties, his first car was a Plymouth Valiant. Tough little machine, slant six, three on the floor, and TOUGH as all get-out! Hey, even a sixteen-year-old teenage boy could not kill that car, it just kept running… A lot of his…
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Where Can We Put That AD??

 “Did you wonder how we found you?,” the host of a party recently asked Dennis as the artist zoomed through another two-minute drawing. “Sure!,” Dennis said. “We DID wonder! So — was it our website, or –” The host just smiled and held up his cell phone. There was a photo of the artist’s VAN —…
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How About ALL Of Us??

“Can Ya Draw the WHOLE GANG?“ Hey, why not?? Groups are hard to draw when you are starting out in this little oddball Drawing-Live business… You have to judge how best to go about the workings of it, getting the faces SIZED correctly — if this guy’s face at top was sketched smaller than the…
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