Our First E-Book!

Hey, I love to write. Over the years I have written hundreds (thousands?) of newspaper articles, features, columns and lots and lots of short stories, songs… Okay, you get my drift. Sure. And somewhere in there I wrote a book on how to draw caricatures (and make a living at it, that chapter is usually MISSING in such books) and a novel. The original concept of the novel — set in the 1980s, about a starving caricature artist in Dayton, Ohio — is a bit of a mystery, no idea where that came from… 

But I digress.

Throw in my collected short stories as another book and my numerous bad song lyrics as another book and I can claim four books written so far. No, make that five. 

Diane has struggled with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis for a long time now and it occurred to us that we have stumbled our way through figuring things out that NOBODY told us along the way — and maybe that would be good to write down for others facing similar problems. How to get your benefits. How to get help. Where to apply. What is likely to happen and how to deal with THAT… Sure.

So we did. Please see what you think; free sample chapters to get a taste… BEAT MS NOW!

Wheelchair Life Rolling Along
Difficult Day? Be Happy Anyhow! You Can Do It!

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