Artist Setup at Your Event

Caricature Artist setup to draw live
Artist Setup at Your Event

Here is the setup I used for my event last night. When you are planning a party or trade show or other event and hire and artist to entertain your guests, it’s pretty likely they will need a setup similar to this. 

Three chairs, so more than one person can be sketched in one drawing — lots of couples last night! — and sample drawings displayed to give some idea of the images likely to be produced… Also I leave out some business promotional material just in case, unless there is a reason not to do so — if I am booked via an agency or other outside entity I can not give anyone my contact info. They must contact the agency to schedule for future dates; that’s how it works.

Last night was a classic professional-crowd party. Endless fun and four hours went by like magic. Great fun and lots of nice comments. 

Below are one of the neato couples at that event. They were hilarious, too, as were most of that crowd. All were in investigative police work in some manner and they were all terrific, no joke, they were just super.

Caricature of couple at live drawing event
Fun couple
Caricature Sketch of couple at trade show
— And their drawing!

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