Nice to see young guys who appreciate friendship…

I had a super time sketching these fine young men at a recent gathering. They were great fun, sharing lots of bad jokes and tormenting each other the whole time if memory serves — and it often does not serve me too well. Sadly! For instance I THINK this was at a University of Dayton event last month… but… uh… Maybe?? Maybe not! Hah!

Anyhow, I hope the guys had as much fun as I did. And I am sure they remember the day better than I do. Ah well. I do remember it was lots of fun and they were cool guys. And that I had another event in Cincinnati right afterward, so I had to hurry. Busy day!

Caricature of young pals
Fun young guys at a recent event, six minute sketch
Young pals at fun gathering
Three gentlemen drawn together, quick-sketch caricature

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