Get Your HAPPY On…

Full disclosure here: This is the blog where you will finally conclude for sure that I am a nut job, a dimwit, a flake.

That’s fine, I can live with that. But I am writing this in hopes that a few readers out there will benefit from my experience. If so that makes it worth the effort.

The History:

Before Diane and I met, my life had not gone as planned at all. Lots of bad choices, poverty, sickness and unhappy moments. She and I are both kind of hard-wired into being pretty cheerful and upbeat, but in general I was not thrilled with my progress at that point. We were both about forty.

The Lesson:

I soon learned from her something maybe you knew early in life — that we can DECIDE to be happy. News to me. So I tried it. And immediately Good Luck seemed to come my way. What? Really?

Yes. I doubted it and when I stopped the Happy regimen my fortunes went downhill again. After several cycles I gave up and committed to the obvious fact that Happy Go Lucky was more than an old saying. And the opposite, for bad luck: When It Rains, It Pours. Seems like we pull good things or bad things into our lives. I worked hard to stay Happy as much as possible and it worked for me nicely.

The Book:

Years later the book The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne became a publishing sensation, endorsed by Oprah Winfrey and briefly on the worldwide reading list. It brought the phrase The Law of Attraction into our pop culture. Ah, THAT’s it!! That’s what I had been experiencing. Sure! So I saw the movie and read the book, plus the books leading up to The Secret and several others, trying to get a firm grasp on how it works.

How It Works:

Forget that. Could not figure out how it could work. Nah. Did not happen. Nobody nowhere will EVER figure this out, so don’t even try to go there, kids. But there is something to it. 

The Method:

When I get a firm grasp on a goal and keep it in mind often, work hard and also keep My Happy on — good things happen. It is that simple. 

Ain’t easy, either, gang. 


Damned hard work, to be honest, and it frequently feels utterly stupid. Even now, years after I first proved it to myself. The emotional component is the driving force. I simply PRETEND to have the goal in hand and stay Happy and Keep Busy. And pretty soon the goal IS in hand. 

I suspect a lot of us discovered the Pretend trick as youngsters by pretending to be confident– and suddenly we found ourselves much more self-assured. It works in many ways. Maybe you have done that cruel trick of talking someone into feeling sick. “You okay? You’re really pale today… Got a temperature? Tired?” That can work, too. Suggestion is the method of course, regardless of the point of origin. 

The Frustration:

Nothing is a hundred percent. Ever. 

Including this regimen.

Which drives you nuts on the big items you keep going after and not achieving. 

My wonderful little wife Diane was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, MS, a few months after we were married. That was several years after I had discovered the Law of Attraction. I have tried to influence her health with the regimen and it either does nothing — or worse. I seem to attract BAD luck to us when I push it too hard. 

Evidently I am not allowed to step into her world with this big wrench, trying to adjust her machinery. Although I mean to help her, it is evidently still an intrusion and not permitted. 

Most of you reading this are thinking that I am kidding myself. That there is no causal connection between my emotional state and our physical world. Understood, gang, believe me, I felt exactly the same way not that long ago. I have enough incentive — trying to make Diane well, to get her out of those damned wheelchairs — to study the metaphysical cures with intense interest, and to try hard to make them work for us. There is NO medication that seems likely to help her coming anytime soon, so I am searching elsewhere for now. 

And in my experience this does work. It takes a hell of a lot of determination and focus and energy, sure. And most of the time it works fine. I have overcome COPD with the help of the regimen, now stronger and healthier in my late sixties than in my twenties. So I believe it can be a huge factor in getting what we want. 

Diane feels the way you likely do. Ain’t gonna even try it. No. And boy is she sick of my endless prattling on about this business. Ah well. 

The Silent Husband:

Ain’t no such animal, gang, so no need in you OR Diane looking for him. Ha! But I will be here at my post, keeping my Happy on as much as I can manage and working our little business as hard as possible, with faith I am bringing good things to us. I hope lots of good things come to you and yours as well. 



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