Nice People In Prison

You may remember I had to go to jail last year… First time ever, but I had to go more than once as it turned out. First to teach a three hour workshop for a room full of inmate artists (they were super nice girls, could not have been nicer — no kidding), then later on to draw a few hours for the main inmate populace with several of those girls drawing with me. Lots of fun, especially since I got to sleep at home those nights, eh? 

Anyhow, where was I going with all that… Oh, yes, another prison project presented recently. A nice fellow working as a prison guard in California wished to get his friend a going-away gift since that guy was on his way to a prison guard position in Chicago… the rough sketch is here and the final BW art after that. The note about Repelling is a little joke about inmates at the Chicago prison who escaped the year before by repelling out a window with bedsheets tied end to end… 

Wonder if I will have to go to jail again THIS year… We will see, we will see… Thank you for reading!

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