Artist at Your Event, Setup

A typical setup for our artist at a huge venue in Columbus

When you schedule Dennis — or one of our other artists — to draw at your event, what should you expect? Does he walk around the room and draw as your guests move from place to place? Do they have to go up on a stage to get their drawing done? Do numbers get called to bring them up from the crowd? Do you need to supply paper or special materials to the artist?

No. All you need to provide is three chairs in an area with normal room lighting, as far away from loudspeakers as possible. That’s it! (It might be helpful to have a note on one chair reading “ARTIST.” You will be busy at your event and the artist would prefer not to bother you.)

Our artist sits in one spot and your guests stop by at their convenience, or wait in line, then sit for a brief time to get their very quick sketch done. Then they are handed the final artwork with a clear plastic sleeve to keep it protected and go off to show their friends. Above is a photo of one of the venues Dennis drew at some time back. Notice the sample artwork on the table and above the art bag. 

Here is a shot of him drawing using his custom Portable Drawing Table, which works perfectly for live sketching.  Please call for more information —


Caricature artist Dennis Porter, drawing at another event. Mr. Porter has sketched live at thousands of parties, trade shows and other events since the 1970s.

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