NEW 1948 Tucker

One of the nice benefits to our tiny little business here is our deal with the Dayton City Paper, a great little weekly newspaper in Dayton area that uses my drawings of their writers and other contributors. Part of our arrangement gets us free ads, which are terrific, and — wait for it — free ADMISSION to lots and lots of super events. We go to the symphony, ballet, plays, concerts. Way cool. Diane and I have even worked up some interest in the Opera over the last couple of years; fun stuff… A neato event is the Concours D’elegance at Carrillon Park. Massive amounts of fantastic cars, just overwhelming, hard to view them all in a timely manner. And there — yow!

What’s THAT??

It’s a TUCKER. Man alive, those are worth a fortune. Only fifty-one of them were built, back in 1948, before the company went under. Tragic end for a fabulous car… tucker-auto— But wait, there’s MORE… This is a NEW Tucker, just built. Turns out there were some not quite finished cars in the works and lots of odd parts left over. Those materials have bounced around the last sixty-some years now and this beauty was finished pretty recently.

Want the whole story?? Here ya go, I loved it: New Tucker automobile.

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