Happy Halloween !

What a wonderful holiday this is, eh? So old we do not even know its origins, clearly Halloween was started as a jolly Drop Dead, Winter! moment before the icy hammer drops… Ya think? I do, for sure… And it’s actually a lot more fun for grownups than children, in my opinion. In any case, when Diane started getting interested in my little caricature business, we got the idea of sending out POSTCARDS to build the business. This was ancient history, back in the mid-1990s, before the web revolution took off and dragged the whole world into the cyber stratosphere, where we remain today. 

And the internet and its offshoots are technology in its infancy, gang, just barely off the ground. We are at Kitty Hawk in a sense. What the next twenty years or so bring will be absolutely astonishing, I am certain…

But I digress… Here is our very first postcard, please ignore the outdated 513- phone number, and below that is TODAY’s version of it, with the two wildest candidates seen in recent years. And some fun party pics below that. Happy Halloween!!

halloween-card-19952016-postcard-halloweenHalloween picHalloween art

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