jail-barsReally, no joke. This morning at 10 AM I reported as ordered to the Dayton Correctional Institute. Never been to jail before, whole new experience. Harrowing. No welcoming committee to greet you, no one happy to see you…

Until my contact Vivian Covington came up from another area, one of the Assistant Wardens who had scheduled my caricature presentation… I talked to about twenty inmates of the women’s prison. I went in not having ANY idea what to expect — and it was terrific! The girls were all accomplished artists, interested and appreciative and fun to work with.

Three hours went by in a flash and I am scheduled to return in August to do live quick-sketches at a special celebration day. Yard Day? I think so. AND four of the girls from today are going to also be drawing with me! HA! That is going to be hilarious.

So — going to jail soon?? I hope you have as much fun as I did…


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