Advice From God

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Man talking to God: “Why don’t I get what I want?”

“Because you keep changing your MIND!,” God responded.

There is a lesson there for us all — to get anything in life you must keep focused and have a clear goal. I don’t know about you, but that is difficult for me. My goals shift almost daily, which gets really frustrating.

When I do manage to land on a long-term goal, such as writing another book, it seems to come and go in my schedule. I work on that project when it occurs to me rather than scheduling it, which is not productive. The key is obviously in two parts: choose a goal worthy of your gifts; and put the time in routinely.

Choosing that goal is crucial. If your expectations are too low, the goal too easy and it will not be satisfying at all. Yet if it is unrealistically high, you will become frustrated and give up. So choosing your level of difficulty is very important.

Scheduling is easy. It’s like stopping smoking; that’s no problem. Staying stopped is the hard part. And honoring that theoretical schedule is the hard part here.

Above this level is our belief system. If we deeply believe we are going to achieve something, it will always come to pass. The reverse, sadly, is also true. We can hardly get anything done if we do not have the force of our positive emotions behind it. Emotion is the driving force in us. We THINK, sure, but thinking is like the rudder on a ship, it steers us — but we are driven by the power of our emotional propellers.

That force will take us forward — or backward, depending on our sincerest feelings.

John Lennon, one of my heroes, noted the power of faith in one of his last interviews, saying when he was with The Beatles he felt strongly they were the very BEST band in the whole world — and that his firm belief helped create that reality, contributing to their phenomenal success.

One of the most important lessons in life is this: we can control our emotions. We can choose to be happy. We can decide to have a fun day. We are not at the mercy of outside forces.

This bit of wisdom came to me late in life, about ten years ago. After a lifetime of poverty I finally realized this: by worrying about income I was actually keeping myself poor. Once I decided to be happy, to focus on what I wanted in life (rather than what I was worried about), good things became routine. Wow, did THAT work! Business immediately came our way, party bookings and fun opportunities.

I have not worried about money since. And we have never been late with a bill.

No, we are not wealthy, but our income is adequate. We get what we want in life, have a nice home, nice cars, some savings and take vacations when we wish. Life is fabulous.

The lesson for you and me is clear. We have to choose firm goals and keep them in mind. We must believe in ourselves, in our ability to excel at our chosen tasks. We must also stay happy, bringing good things into our lives. With those three vital choices made you will always succeed. And so will I.

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