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This time of year I am flattered to be invited to draw at a LOT of weddings, usually at the reception following the ceremony, of course…

These are always fabulously neat events, with the bride and groom starting out their lives together with a huge public event their friends and family will likely talk about for years. The energy is wonderful, charged with hope and promise and love and respect for all concerned. The live quick-sketching is always fun wedding entertainment, absolutely. Here’s a cute young couple at a very recent event…

Couple at wedding art Couple at wedding pic

Notice the imprint at bottom of the sketch pad. I and my old pal John drew at this event and we both had a ball. The great appeal of course is that the guests are NOT expected to pay the artist or to tip us, either — we are paid by the host, and this party is for the benefit of their friends and family. Absolutely!

Another thing that often seems to surprise our clients at these events is we do not normally eat dinner. We are not guests. We are the hired help and we should be earning our pay. Right? Therefore we never have any alcohol during our paid time, either. Rules to live by, in our little world…


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