Bowling Pin Caricatures

FUN PROJECT: Bowling pin Caricatures! Like nothing else we have done before. At the bottom of our Testimonials page today…

We were asked recently to produce some award items for high school seniors on a bowling team. This is what they asked Dennis to do –

Bowling pin art '14 In progressYes! Caricatures on bowling pins! Our friend Jen’s idea, and a really cute one. Here is the final –

Bowling pin art '14 The Five


Their nicknames are at bottom. School name and year on back. Our thanks to Jen for calling on us for such a neato project. Here is what she wrote later:

Thanks again for doing this for us.
The seniors loved them.
I passed out all the cards you gave me.
We will definitely recommend you to others.
I look forward to working with you again.
You are such a sweet person, and the drawings were amazing.
Thanks again for everything,
What a sweetheart! You gotta love this job… And we do of course…

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