Young couple at Friend’s Wedding

Young couple drawn at wedding reception…  Perhaps you read my post recently about sketching for six hours at a really neat-o wedding reception… That was a Fabulous Time for everyone, to my knowledge, due to the great spirit and thorough preparation provided by the wedding couple and their amazing families. Thank you, Meagan and Zach and crew!

During the course of the many, many couples visiting me that evening was this pair. She is really tiny, maybe five feet or so, and he’s a beefy bear of a guy… They were really cool and we had a brief but interesting conversation about a LOT of things including my sincere opinion that she could do well as a model.

“But I’m so SHORT!,” she said. Good point of course; most big shot models are about nine feet tall (and haven’t eaten this week). I still felt she could do well. I hope she tries her luck!

(Personal note:  There is something inherently wonderful about weddings. When I was younger I was a bit baffled by the high emotion so many older people seemed to experience when watching someone take their vows. What’s THAT about?, I wondered. It did not mean much to me. So they’re gonna get married, enter the real adult world, have babies, all that… So what?? Now, as an old guy with a few miles on the odometer [and the warranty WAY out of date], watching a beautiful young couple promising each other their entire lives — yeah, I get a bit worked up. Finally I get it. Finally…)

As noted earlier, things worked out fine that night. I somehow got absolutely everyone in line sketched and finished exactly on time. Lucky me, eh?

Fine young twosome at reception

Fine young twosome at reception

Wedding couple 3 pic

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