Ya Think YOU’re Busy??

Juggler drawn by Dennis Porter

Juggling guy, rode a Unicycle and tossed things around with amazing skill, at Xenia First Fridays recently.

You’re not too busy compared to THIS guy!  

I have been drawn at the Xenia First Fridays events for years now and it’s always interesting — you NEVER know who’s gonna walk up and ask for a sketch… This young guy was great fun, but did not have much of a chance to perform the day we met — Why? RAIN! 

Yes. For only the second time in my experience with First Fridays we had bad weather for a couple of the days this year. One FF was cancelled and this last one went forward in spite of buckets and buckets of the Wet hammering down… I drew in Heidi’s Flower Stop and did this sketch there. Hey, I was busy, you shoulda come by. Next time, eh?

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