Gift for Everybody — but Cheaper?

Diane and I were at the Dayton VA hospital for one of my routine visits some time back and in one of the doctor’s offices we noticed this —

revolving-door-art— Yes! One of my Gift Drawings done from photos, back in 2009, apparently. I remember this much about the drawing: they needed a LOT of people in there, wishing good fortune to their colleagues, Ane’ and Rob, who were moving on (note the Revolving Door motif). But actually DRAWING twenty or more faces in there would get way expensive. Hey, that takes time, kids, right? So… what to do, what to do?? You can see my somewhat-of-a-solution here with my drawing in the two friends who were leaving and Linda, who was pulling this project together, holding a balloon with her name on it and the banner behind which the rest of the crew were apparently holding their name balloons…

I do think it’s interesting how the black areas are so strong visually, pulling the viewer’s attention… Full disclosure: we saw this in the office of Ane’ and she was FAR more pretty than the image in my drawing. Better with age?? Thanks to her for sharing!

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