Who Loves Your Blog??

It seems to me the real question at hand in the blog world is — who is going to read it?? However brilliant your insights or valuable your tips on business or personal issues, if you don’t reach the audience that can USE that wisdom… You see my point here.

So — back to the question from a recent blog: What To Write About??

I think in a more conventional business it would be easier. If you have a marketing firm then addressing the needs of your potential clients can pull them in with an intriguing headline. We all want more market share or attention or ways to deal with cranky children or medical issues… So if those are your target areas then it would be fairly easy I think to find ways to reach those audiences.

How do I reach companies planning trade shows, or company parties? No idea! I keep researching that question and coming up blank, or nearly so. Creativity is what I DO, so it’s a bit distressing and embarrassing, really. Ah well. Wisdom will come with time. I Hope! Ha!!


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