Have you ever faced that blank screen and wondered — WHAT am I gonna write about today?? Lots of us deal with that question, if we feel the obligation to post often… One question that arises is What Will Anyone Else Find Interesting???

I often find things that fascinate me and bore most people to tears, I suspect, so now and then it’s wise for me to throttle back on those subjects. The trick is to figure that out before investing a lot of time on them. And for those subjects there are discussion groups that would be interested, no doubt, so that blog can go into a more focused area than my usual outlets like this one.

The real key is to FEEL strongly about your subject matter, so even if you are writing about something most people would not find intriguing you may find an audience anyway, through the depth of your conviction coming through in the blog. Authenticity is what matters there.

Last thought here — I love the writing process. There is nothing quite like the blank page — or blank screen — and a little time to fill it. That brings out thoughts that would never have occurred to me otherwise and if I am lucky they find a coherent space there before me, evolving almost by magic. With a bit of luck my thoughts can bring someone else to some minor insight as well. I hope so!

So — what to write about?? I still haven’t figured that one out today… Stay tuned!!

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