Well, That’s Not ME !! Is it??

I never get tired of live quick-sketching. Even after all these amazing years and thousands of parties and trade shows and other events, it’s STILL a fabulous experience. For me, at least! I hope it’s also fun for the good people who wait patiently in line to get their drawing done.

These young people were at a University of Dayton event, if memory serves, and were delightful. Lots of times I am asked to draw groups and that is not a problem… Notice, however, that I MOVED these kids around in the sketch. One thing I have to ask in a group piece if who is tallest and who is shortest, then stack up the images to fit — thus the guy in center was moved to upper right, the girl at top in back went to center and so forth. Everybody was moved to fit the height specs. So, when they got the drawing the discussion was which one is me, and why am I there? They loved it. Fun day…

UD kids, artUD kids, pic

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